Succinity GmbH is delighted that you have visited our website and thanks you for your interest in our company.

At Succinity GmbH, data protection has the highest priority. This document is designed to provide you with information on how we are following the rules for data protection at Succinity GmbH, which information we gather while you are browsing our website, and how this information is used. First and foremost: your personal data is only used in the following cases and will not be used in other cases without your explicit approval.

Collection data

When you visit the Succinity GmbH website, general information is collected automatically (in other words, not by means of registration) which is not stored as personal related data. The web servers that are used store the following data by default:

    The name of your internet service provider
    The website from which you visited us
    The websites which you visit when you are with us
    Your IP address

This information is analyzed in an anonymous form. It is used solely for the purpose of improving the attractiveness, content, and functionality of our website. Where data is passed on to external service providers, we have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that the data protection regulations are observed.

Collecting and processing personal data

Personal data is only collected when you provide us with this in the course of, say, registration, by filling out forms or sending emails, and in the course of ordering products or services, inquiries or requests for material.

Your personal data remains with our company, our affiliates, and our provider and will not be made available to other third parties in any form by us or by persons instructed by us. The personal data that we do collect will only be used in order to perform our duties to you and for any other purpose only when you have given specific consent. You can adjust your consent for the use of your personal data at any time with an email to the effect that you revoke your consent in the future to the data protection representative Markus Hummelsberger.

Data retention

We store personal data for as long as it is necessary to perform a service that you have requested or for which you have granted your permission, providing that no legal requirements exist to the contrary such as in the case of retention periods required by trade or tax regulations.

Right to obtain and correct information

You have the right to obtain information on all of your stored personal data, to receive, to review, and if necessary to amend or erase. To do this, just send an email to the person in charge of data protection (see below for the relevant contact details). The deletion of your personal data will be completed unless we are legally obligated to store the information.


This website operates a web analysis system, which uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and that allow us to analyze how you use our website. You may view or delete the cookies stored at any time, or even prevent them in advance from being installed by modifying the settings of your browser software accordingly, but if you do so you may experience limitations in using the full scope of functions offered on this website. The information transmitted is used for the sole purpose of analyzing the use of this website and creating reports on website activities. We will not transmit any such information to third parties unless we are legally obligated to do so. Your stored IP address will be used in anonymous form. In no event will any data be linked or correlated to other data that would enable us to generate individual user profiles or identify you personally. Within the website, we will use tracking codes or web pixels (if the execution of Java script has been deactivated). By using this website you are agreeing to have the data collected about you processed in the way described above and for the purpose specified above.

The cookies which we currently use on the website are listed in the following table.

Cookies, which are important for the smooth functioning of specific services of the website
File Name     intro_succinity
Lifespan     Erased as soon as you close your browser
Purpose     This cookie ensures that you see the introductory animation only once per visit.

Cookies, with which we measure the use of our website (web analysis)

File Name     _pk_ses.....
Lifespan     Erased 30 minutes after site visit
File Name     _pk_id.....
Lifespan     Erased two years after site visit
Purpose     With these cookies, the web analysis tool, Piwik, gathers anonymous information about how our website is used. The information collected helps us to continually address the needs of our visitors. These cookies store information in an anonymous form, including how many people visit our site, from which websites they come and what pages they view.


If you have any questions or ideas, please refer to Markus Hummelsberger of Succinity GmbH, who will be pleased to help you. The continuous development of the Internet makes it necessary for us to adjust our data protection rules from time to time. We reserve the right to implement appropriate changes at any time.

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